As many banks close their brick-and-mortar locations nationwide, SECU Credit Union is instead expanding with the help of AHS architects.

Our team was recently tasked with converting a vacant 1,240 square foot retail space located at 250 W Pratt Street in Baltimore into a small branch location.

The space consists of an ATM area that opens up into a concierge and waiting area, complete with two offices for client services. Although this branch is technically smaller than typical SECU prototypes, the space itself feels larger thanks to the open floor plan, glass walls, and high ceilings. A teller-less facility, this SECU branch location—like many others—utilizes NCR SelfServTM Interactive Teller Machines to enable quick transactions as needed and allow on-site Member Advisors to focus on customer consultations.

SECU’s move to Pratt Street empowers them to serve, support, and build lasting relationships with the Central Business District community and make a positive contribution to the financial well-being of Marylanders by extending in-person access in this highly trafficked downtown Baltimore core.

Read the full press release here.

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