As a community-minded organization invested in personal relationships and experiences, COVID-19 has disrupted our ability to conduct business as usual like so many others across the globe. Despite these uncertain times, our mission at Ammon Heisler Sachs architects (AHSa) remains unchanged: we build relationships with clients to create functional designs in a collaborative and inspiring process.

From our AHSa team to the city of Baltimore to the clients we service in banking, healthcare, corporate, retail, senior living, hospitality, industrial, and education, these relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Even with workspaces going remote and the nature of interior design changing to emphasize health and safety, we’re committed to maintaining open lines of communication, transparency, and collaboration. Many of our clients are dealing with different COVID-19 related challenges that will be impacting their businesses for the unforeseeable future.

How will the automotive sector adapt with close interaction between customers and salespersons being a staple of the industry? Will customers still be willing to use ITMs, ATMs, and other automated banking equipment considering the sheer number of people touching the machines every day? Should healthcare facilities prioritize paper towels over hand dryers to limit the spread of germs?


We’re working together with our clients to find these answers by developing a forward-thinking plan for their interior spaces. COVID-19 is requiring industries and communities to come together as one united front. To lend a helping hand to those in our community looking for answers, the AHSa team has put our clients’ needs in perspective. We decided to begin a new blog series dedicated to providing ideas, tools, insights, and guidelines while analyzing what’s happening right now and anticipating what’s coming next for architecture and interior design.

Our first post of the series will take a deeper dive into the banking industry. We’ll be offering perspective on how interactions between customers, banking representatives, and automated banking equipment may shift with social distancing policies in place — and what that means for your interior spaces. Stay tuned for this next post from us. And, as always, we’re here to answer your questions and provide our thoughts for the challenges you’re facing. Contact our team to start a conversation.