The Highlands


The Highlands


Pittsford, New York

Project Statistics

Project Area: 15 acres
Construction Cost: $8,000,000


Senior Living
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Reflecting the charm and architectural character of the neighboring village, Pittsford, this 15-acre cottage expansion was designed using the neotraditional concept. This master planning approach uses sidewalks, porches, and homes placed close together to encourage socializing with your neighbors. Site features such as ponds, parks and walking paths further encourage outdoor recreation and interaction. AHSa was tasked with the design of 36 new cottages. Each of these 36 cottages have “one floor living.” Residents were allowed to customize their home to reflect their life style. Residents not only chose their own interior decor but chose minor variations in their homes’ porches, rooflines, dormers, windows and exterior finishes resulting in only 4 of the 36 cottages looking the same.

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