Presbyterian Home of Maryland – Master Planning


Presbyterian Home of Maryland


Towson, Maryland

Project Statistics

Project Area: 14,400 sq ft


Senior Living
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The Hidden Treasure of West Towson, Presbyterian Home of Maryland is a CCRC that wanted to pioneer culture change in its long term care. Always setting a high standard of care for its residents, changing not only the built environment but its care and operation was paramount for the success of culture change and empowering their residents to have their typical day. With the emphasis on “home” AHSa was tasked with the Health Care Center’s will be renovations and an addition added to provide all the amenities and rooms typically provided in their residents’ homes. The addition’s pinwheel plan has a residential kitchen as the centerpiece with a dining room, living room and den fanning around this space. The bathing spa will have senior friendly bathing fixtures and the interior design will be a soothing space where residents can be pampered. The residents’ bedrooms have been designed to be renovated over time and as the budget permits.

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