Parkside Warehouse Condominiums


Parkside Warehouse Condominiums


Elkridge, Maryland

Project Stats

Project Area:
Building #1: 110,000 sq ft
Building #2: 21,000 sq ft

Construction Cost: N/A


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Building #1
The steeply sloping site allowed construction of a two story, 110,000 SF, tilt-up warehouse. Developed by Lancelotta Real Estate Services, the building was designed to be subdivided into up to 28 condominium units. Each floor level is front loading and has provisions for partial mezzanines. The two story configuration posed egress issues which were solved with a below grade, exterior corridor. This was a joint design venture with Mainstreet Design Group.

Building #2
A 21,000 SF single tenant, one story tilt-up warehouse/office building with provisions for a partial mezzanine, developed by Lancelotta Real Estate Services. The narrow, angled site dictated a tapered floor plan with offices at the wide end and loading at the narrow end. This was a joint venture design with Mainstreet Design Group.

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