Middleburg Bank Ft. Evans


Middleburg Bank Ft. Evans


Leesburg, Virginia

Project Statistics

Project Area: 4,000 SF
Construction Cost: $1,400,000
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In a conscious effort to be a more environmentally responsible corporation, Middleburg Bank engaged AHSa to design its latest branch in accordance with LEED® 2.2 NC, as a building that is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This building uses approximately 38% less energy and 46% less water than standard buildings of its kind.

AHSa’s design included improved indoor air quality and environmental controls for its occupants as well as incorporating innovative energy generation technologies such as geo­transfer wells and water source heat pumps. The geo­transfer wells help heat and cool the building by extracting energy from the earth. These forward thinking steps go a long way in showing the firm’s commitment towards cleaning the environment for future generations.

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