Mercy MRI & CT


Mercy Medical Center


Baltimore, Maryland

Project Statistics

Project Area: 1,030 sq ft
Construction Cost: $700,000


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ASHa was contracted by Mercy to upgrade the radiology areas of the hospital, needed upgrades included replacement of the existing MRI scanning room and MRI machine. The renovations provide state-of-the-art imaging capabilities that enable the hospital to provide improved service to admitted patients and on an outpatient basis. The goal of the project was to provide improved work and office spaces for better working conditions for the staff and enable them to perform their functions more comfortably and efficiently. In addition, the upgrades help the hospital maintain parity with peer institutions in the area as it seeks to continue to attract patients. The project was constructed adjacent to occupied imaging areas that were in constant use, and was completed with only minimal and infrequent disruptions to hospital services. Weekly progress meetings and site visits, and the ability to quickly respond to any client needs, kept the project well-coordinated and on schedule.

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