Heritage Fiat


Heritage Fiat


Owings Mills, Maryland

Project Statistics

Project Area: 5,162 sq ft
Construction Cost: $850,000


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AHSa was tasked with the creation of an exciting new dealership to highlight Fiat’s re­entry into the US market.  AHSa adapted Fiat’s “Studio” concept to the existing footprint of a former Saturn dealership, updating the interior layout and exterior fittings to reflect the Fiat brand. The new showroom is a contemporary retail space designed and scaled specifically for the latest series of Fiat vehicles. The design utilizes the advantage of the existing facility’s unusual, trapezoidal shape to maximize Fiat’s presence on the site and enhance the modern feel of the Fiat brand.  AHSa worked directly with the customer to create a unique space while still conforming to the requirements of the Fiat concept.

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