1st Mariner Bank, one of Baltimore’s largest banks, is soon to be permanently headquartered at 3301 Boston Street. The shift to this 67,000 SF building brings numerous improvements to the organization of the Bank’s operations and departments. Now mortgage staff, retail staff, and commercial staff will be located adjacently rather than spread across several floors as they were in their previous home – the neighboring Canton Crossing CareFirst tower. Through use of an open floor plan, designed by AHSa, 1st Mariner Bank’s strategically renovated office space will produce improvements in operational efficiency.

There will also be plenty of room for all the equipment that a bank needs to operate, from the bill counters the tellers will use to the more advanced technology behind the scenes, as well as all the IT goods and the like. The building will feature a new two-story atrium with custom millwork. Additionally, the project meets the International Green Construction Code as required in Baltimore City. This is an important, and exciting, step that all involved are undertaking.

In addition to renovating the bank headquarters, AHSa is completing the design of an adjacent new 1,300 SF branch on the first floor. This means more jobs and more opportunities will likely be coming into the city, which is beneficial to everyone in the region. Baltimore continues to be an exciting location for many to start their new businesses, after all, and having good banking access is critical for said businesses to succeed. We look forward to seeing the progress and continued partnership in this area.