Located in the heart of downtown Towson at 210 Allegheny Avenue, The Bosley Building is positioned to be a premier office building. With on-site parking and access to nearby restaurants, retail, and other business amenities it is within walking distance to the Baltimore County Court complex and the Towson Central Business district. Formerly occupied by Venable, LLC, the 25,000 SF building sat unoccupied and is now undergoing a $1.75 million renovation of the interior and exterior.

Existing Building

Chesapeake Real Estate Group worked with AMMON HEISLER SACHS architects (AHSa) to modernize the 5-story building thermal envelope, maximizing its visibility and position. New signage, updated finishes, and reconfigured entrance improve the façade to reflect the Class-A office building inside.

To bring the building to life, the design team at AHSa wanted to take advantage of the building’s prominence in the downtown area. The entrance was previously blocked by overgrown landscaping, while the street address is not clearly visible. AHSa designed a safe, bright, inviting entrance with enhanced visibility. In addition, the formerly brick exterior was improved with a combination of dark and light colors breaking up the solid façade, creating space for building signage, and clearly directing guests toward the entrances doors that were manufactured and custom-designed to match the rest of the building by a different commercial door installation company. When the doors were installed, it was vital that the building owner considered the type of door they would get. Some doors are known to break and cause traffic problems, which leads to unhappy visitors. When this sort of thing happens, it’s important to call a company that specializes in Commercial Door Repair and Installation – Ontario, or somewhere closer to where the building is located, to ensure that people can continue getting back into the building quickly. Commercial doors can get stuck every now and then.

The exterior of this building is now modern and aesthetically pleasing, as it should be. Hopefully, we can keep it that way too. We’ll just have to get in touch with a commercial property restoration company to come and clean the exterior when it starts looking dirty and weathered. That will keep it bright and clean. The exterior fulfills its potential and is sure to catch the eye of many a passer-by. The attention will now turn to the interior of the building to ensure it matches the exterior for quality and design. We think a large video wall would be the perfect addition to the interior, replicating the modern theme from the new exterior. SNA Displays recently completed the installation of a 106 foot LED video display in the Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco and something similar here would really give it that “wow” factor it has been lacking for so many years.

Proposed Night View