As part of the the American Institute of Architect (AIA) Baltimore’s Health and Wellness Committee, AMMON HEISLER SACHS architects and Race Pace Bicycles contributed their unique design concept for a promising space that neighbors Baltimore’s Penn Station to the 2nd Annual Healthcare Design Showcase “Good Design=Good Health.” The exhibition is intended to be a fun way for architects, engineers, urban planners, interior designers, contractors and others to show the local community how they’ve been creating healthy spaces. The goal of the exhibition is to showcase designs that promote health and wellness in a variety of ways. Cities and communities that foster this type of well-being don’t just happen—it takes forward thinking and innovative designers. From the urban planner who designed bike lane routes through the city to the architect’s design of community schools, everyone brings their own ideas of a healthy environment and how to create it. Baltimore’s design community has been working diligently to create a healthy city for their communities.

The AHSa concept for Race Pace Penn Station features two stories, a bike shop, and automated bike storage facility that would provide rental, repair, and sales services. It also boasts a technologically advanced component as it provides for a very secure and electronic retrieval of bicycles. Automatic retrieval is possible 24 hours a day without requiring any assistance from staff or waiting in line. The design for Penn Station’s contiguous space is greatly tailored to meet the needs of tourists and resident commuters. AHSa deliberately sought to provide a community solution that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. This project has the potential to greatly impact the City of Baltimore by providing a much needed access alternate for those who wish to use the new Baltimore City North-South Bike Lane.

One of the most well-liked features of the design is a 40-foot-high, glass-enclosed storage section that allows patrons and passersby to observe the interior movement of their bicycles inside the building. Furthermore, the highest visible segment of the building is intended to draw in any onlookers with its abundantly illuminated large bicycle graphic. The exhibit “Good Design = Good Health” was on display at the AIA Baltimore office throughout April. More information is detailed in this Baltimore Fishbowl article.