Maritime civil engineering firm Moffatt & Nichol selected AHSa to design their new waterfront office space with an open plan to maximize the waterfront views. To achieve this vision, AHSa designed glass fronts for all private offices to maintain views to the exterior throughout the 9,000 SF space. Programming for the office included conference rooms, huddle rooms, an employee wellness room, and a multi-purpose employee lounge/presentation/multimedia center. In turn, this can help with employee productivity, especially if they have access to all of these benefits. No matter the country you live in, every business owner wants to have the opportunity to work in a space like this, so no wonder people are looking for a serviced office city of London to have access to similar traits when it comes to growing their business. This open office design follows the new International Green Construction Code and International Energy Conservation Code. The open office was centered in the space allowing maximum exposure to natural light on three sides of the office. To keep the open feel and enhance the industrial look of the existing space, portions of ductwork and structure were left exposed. Easy-clean but stylish flooring was also installed. It is important to find commercial flooring specialists who can fit the flooring in a commercial building, as the footfall and therefore the demand put on the floor is very different to that of a residential building. Decorative ceiling panels were used for improved acoustics to strategically block undesirable views, and to bounce light around the space. The windows are large and open letting in lots of natural light, but the best thing about them is that they have Commercial Window Tinting, which means although the employees are getting the benefits of the sunlight they are also getting all the privacy they need to be able to work proactively in their environment.

Once the infrastructure has been built then the interior design process will take place. This will involve the client consulting us on colour schemes and the vibe for their vision of the building. It is normally a nice idea to
Hire office plants from phs Greenleaf and other companies, to add that natural, relaxation touch to the overall design. It has been shown that having nature in an office environment can make employees feel happier and also is a natural oxidation method, so makes the air quality better. Then adding some extra features, whether the client would want modern finishes or a more homely vibe, we can cater to what they want into their business building.